Founded May 7, 1765.

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A Complete Set for the Order of St. Stanislaus 1st Class, Military division.
Cross: Gold, enamels. By Eduard (both marks are kind of weak). Kokoshnik essays marks of the swords. Perfect condition.

Star: Silver, enamel. By Keibel. Imperial eagle mark and also 84 ( sterling ) mark with, St. Petersburg manufacture mark on both reverse side of the star and the pin. Few cheaps of green enamel on “SS” in central medallion.

Sash: original 19th century sash, somewhat soiled due to wear.

Note: Orders of St. Stanislaus with swords (military division) are many time scarcer than those of civilian w/o the swords. RARE.
Price: $17,500.00

Order of St. Stanislaus 1st Class with original sash ribbon.
Mid. to late 19th cent. European manufacture.
Gilded bronze and enamels.
57mm between middle "half-circles" inside the 3 and 9 o'clock cross arms.
Civil Division w/o swords.
No hallmarks, as usual for European manufactured orders.
Comes with original sash ribbon!
Mint condition, perfect enamel.

Price: $1,950.00

Breast Star Order of St. Stanislaus W/Swords for Non-Christians.
Gold, Silver and enamel. Done by "Eduard" of St.Petersburg.
Military Division w/swords.
92mm diameter between the opposite star points.
Multi-rayed, eight-pointed silver star.
Obverse: Green and white enamel in a center w/Gold and red/black enameled Imperial Eagle. Order's Motto around in gold, superimposed on white enamel.
Reverse: Gilted silver, pinback.
'EDUARD' hallmark, plus 'B.D.' maker's mark (his wife, Varvara)...
Also, 3 hallmarks on tips of the star and pin, and '84' hallmark (for Sterling Silver).
Mint condition with perfect enamel.
Highly detailed center medallion w/Eagle, very impressive!
Very Rare!!!

Price: $5,500.00

Order of St. Stanislaus 2nd Class, Commander Cross - 1917.
Bronze and enamel, late issue. 50mm diameter.
Military Division with swords.
By maker EDUARD.
Very nice condition, full gild.
Price: $475.00

Order of St. Stanislaus 2nd Class, Commander Cross - 1917.
Bronze and enamel, late issue. 50mm diameter.
Civil Division without swords.
Maker's mark 'K' (Keibel), and 'DO'.
Very nice condition, full gild.
Price: $425.00

  • Founded by Stanislaus Augustus Poniatowski of Poland in honours of Polish (and his own) Patron Saint - Stanislas. Born in Crakow in 1030, Stanislas was a Roman Catholic Prelate, and a Bishop of Crakow. in 1079, he denounced his King (who then was Boleslav) for misdeeds and excommunicated him.i After being murdered for this feat of valour, Stanislav was later canonized (1253), and since then was considered a Patron Saint of Poland.
  • The Order had 3 classes at first, but in 1815 a Fourth Class was added. This change was reversed back in 1839, and the Fourth Class was abolished.
  • After 1831, the Order was joined together with other Russian Orders, undergoing just a slight change in design: center monogram became 'SS' (standing for Sanctus Stanislaus), converted from 'SAR' (standing for Stanislaus Augustus Rex).
  • Insignia of the Order was awarded for distinguished civil and military services, as well as for excellence in preserving Christian virtues. Military type insignia came with swords, and, in some exceptional cases, might also have the swords surmounted.
  • Only First Class of the Order carried hereditary nobility, as of 1845 Statues. Before the 1845, all Classes had equal hereditary rights.
  • Non-Christian version of the Order had 'SS' in a center replaced with the Imperial Eagle.
  • The annual feast day of the Order was celebrated on April 25th of each year.

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